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Bad trips are a real thing. The mind and imagination are powerful things when left au natural and unadulterated. Supercharged on psychedelics, some of them can give you a big scare. Psychotic breaks are also possible.

Firstly, there is no denying that bad trips occur. Although they are not anywhere near as prolific as the hysterical anti-drug media may have you believe. In fact, Dr Timothy Leary claimed that bad LSD trips were so rare as to be considered inconsequential. As with cannabis and mushrooms, the reports of bad trips are limited and their prolific occurrence is more to do with anti-drug hysteria than actual objective reporting.”Bad trip” is a term that can cover a host of conditions. There can be mild anxiety and paranoia or full blown distressing hallucinations. Disassociation from reality can make some people feel that they are going insane or experience utter terror. Reactions can differ from individual to individual and from drug to drug.

Clinically a bad trip is considered to be a drug-induced temporary psychosis or psychedelic crisis. This condition can be to do when things do go wrong should be part


Since hallucinogens incite a warped sense of reality, discomforting feelings experienced in this altered state may culminate in a bad trip.Time The feeling of time can undulate from moving swiftly to standing still. This can bring immense discomfort to users who feel like the experience is never ending. If someone has a bad trip, it is helpful to remind them that he or she took a hallucinogenic drug and the effects will not last forever.ParanoiaFeelings can change rapidly when on hallucinogens. Emotions may quickly turn from positive to negative to positive again. Be sure to check back in with them from time to time, making sure they are as comfortable as possible.


When tripping, it is common to have visual and auditory hallucinations. Usually, users are aware of this before taking any drug. But during an uncomfortable trip, it may help to assure them that what is happening is normal and just another part of the experience.


Once a person taken hallucinogen, they are basically locked-in for whatever experience comes their way. At least until the effects wear off. If a bad trip occurs, there are ways to turn the experience around. Usually, the most intense moment of an LSD trip occurs one to three hours after consumption. The whole experience can last anywhere from six to ten hours. The individual will most likely have a difficult time sleeping, so the best thing to do is to set up for a pleasant journey from the beginning. Take the time to create a space where the mind can wander in a positive environment.

Don’t drink alcohol. Avoid situations where these emotions can take place. If someone is on the verge of hurting themselves or others, call for help.

Have someone who is compassionate and understanding observe your trip. This person is usually sober and can be a helpful guide for anyone having a difficult time. A trip sitter is also a great way to keep the trip safe overall.. During a trip, it may not occur to you to eat and drink, but that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need to. Hungry bellies and dry mouths can cause irritation and grump up the mood.

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