Azure Mushroom Chocolate Trippy bar


Azure Magic Mushroom Chocolate trippy bars is created with quality Belgian milk chocolate sourced from Belgium. Every bite has a smooth velvety texture of milk chocolate thanks to our proprietary blend. Each piece of chocolate contains 5 grams of Golden Teacher mushrooms, allowing you to gently increase or decrease your dose.

Golden Teachers are a popular choice among psychonauts all over the world for their spiritual and introspective effects, and it’s the ideal blend of taste, texture, and power. Azure trippy bars are a great way to taste psilocybin mushrooms if you don’t want to eat them directly.

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Buy Azure Belgian Mushroom Chocolate bar Online

Azure Mushroom Chocolate Trippy bar ,Buy Azure Belgian Mushroom Chocolate bar Online. Belgian milk chocolate of the highest caliber is used to make Azure Mushroom Chocolate Bars. Our unique combination gives every mouthful a smooth, velvety feel of milk chocolate. Azure Mushroom chocolate bar, 5 grams.

Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars are a fantastic entry point for people who are new to or interested in magic mushrooms into the mysterious realm of psychedelics. We firmly think that psychedelics has both amazing recreational uses and profound, inherent medical benefits. These psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars are an easy and delightful substitute for dry mushrooms because they take the excitement of magic mushrooms and combine them with the delectable flavors of chocolate. Because of its high psilocybin concentrations, high quantities of psilocin, and full-spectrum experiences, Psilocybe Cubensis species of mushrooms were chosen. When taken on a regular basis, Psilocybe Cubensis is recognized for its generally beneficial benefits and intense visual impressions. Azure Mushroom chocolate bar, 5 grams

Azure Belgian Dark Chocolate bars For Sale

These psilocybin-infused chocolates are divided into squares for convenience and ease of use. They are available in a variety of potencies and flavors, allowing for versatile microdosing techniques or simple enjoyment.
These chocolate bars contain a variety of magic mushrooms, which are popular among beginners since they provide a dependable high. Because of its shamanic and spiritual qualities, they are frequently employed to obtain fresh understanding of oneself and the cosmos. Mushroom chocolate bar, 5g of Azure. Buy Azure Belgian Mushroom Chocolate bar Online

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Please wait up to 30-45 minutes for the first effects to appear before boosting the dosage. If kept in a cold environment for a year, these chocolates can last permanently in the freezer.

Mushroom Chocolate is a decadent dark chocolate created with 77% cacao that is handcrafted in Northern California by renowned chocolatiers. For a wonderful dessert, we mixed heritage cacao with our hugely famous Mushroom Mixture. There are 1060 mg of useful mushrooms in each bar. You may eat Mushroom Chocolate at any time of the day as a snack or as a meal (try adding a few tiny pieces to your morning chia or granola pudding). Buy Azure Belgian Mushroom Chocolate bar Online

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